Himiko Toga My Hero Academia


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Himiko Toga My Hero Academia

Her hero is Stain, her crush is Izuku, and her objective is evil!
This looks like a My Hero Academia yearbook picture, plus an interesting and blood-red background that looks like graffiti. Provided Himiko Toga’s criminal life, it is totally fitting.
With a deceptively innocent-looking Himiko Toga in front of a harsh and wild history that alludes to her real nature. She will not appear innocent and harmless for long.
She’s looking forward to a great time, and in her twisted mind, a fatal objective such as this is simply the correct time to create some new friends. Equally as Tsuyu and Ochaco.
Not just is Himiko an experienced and creative villain, but she knows how to find a smart escape path to evade the authorities and superheroes alike.
This woman can slip from any circumstance like a ghost.










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30x42cm No Frame, 35x50cm No Frame, 40x55cm No Frame, 50x70cm No Frame, 60x85cm No Frame


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