Buddhist Bell Dragon


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The Dragon  has long been considered the most powerful of all symbols of energy and good fortune. He would bring luck, wisdom, prosperity, abundance, constant success and achievement.

Today, the Dragon is a very popular symbol for valor, heroism, daring, self-confidence, power, excellence, perseverance, nobility, vitality and happiness.

Hit the Dragon Buddhist Bell with the hanging lock and listen to the serene sound, vibrate across the room: it will transport you on a wonderful ancestral Buddhist journey. 

According to Feng Shui, it is beneficial to have a bell in your home or in your office . If your bell is located at the entrance, each person who enters will bring luck into your interior.

The  bell can have two functions: “call and push”. It calls for order and prayer, or it drives away evil spirits and negative energies. It is the perfect metal element for your decoration.


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Buddhist Bell Dragon - DrunkArtistBuddhist Bell Dragon

Availability: 988 in stock