Buddha Mandala Art


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Buddhist monks and even Dalai Lamas used to attract beautiful and complex mandalas both on canvases using pigments or on the ground using colored sand.
The beautiful ritual of the production of the sand mandala is quite famous. One of the most distintive section of the practice is that after hours and hours of piling sand to form the various details and elements, once the Mandala is finished it’s removed as final thought of the ritual. The mandala vanish in a vortex of shades, beautiful representation of the impermanence of reality.

A Buddha Mandala wall art is a spiritual and ritual symbol in cultures.



Size (Inch)

30x70cm no frame, 40x90cm no frame, 50x115cm no frame, 60x140cm no frame, 70x160cm no frame, 20x45cm no frame


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Buddha Mandala ArtBuddha Mandala Art
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